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Stupid People

If you’re wondering why stupid people still walk amongst us, it’s because individuals such as the one holding this sign continue to pollute the gene pool. Now and then I will get such a person at my store. In fact, … Continue reading

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Question Of The Day

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Godiva Chocolate

My wonderful Sister gave these as a present to Wendy & I for Easter. These things are for wealthy folks! Wendy and I are accustomed to Hershey’s, maybe Whitman’s at best! Suffice to say, we have been excited to give … Continue reading

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Easter Pix

I just pulled the photos from my camera’s memory card and thought I’d share a few pix we snapped during our Easter Dinner. The family went to a nice Restaurant in Gettysburg, PA. After eating, we all “Bunny Hopped” to … Continue reading

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Wall Street Wifey

My life feels quite surreal as of late. After I got off from work today, I had to drive into horrendous traffic to make it to Borders Book Store and buy out all their copies of The Wall Street Journal. … Continue reading

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Control Your Kid!

Anyone who has worked a good length of time in retail can relate to this topic. This is perhaps our greatest frustration outside of thieves. A parent who allows their child to terrorize the store. We in retail toil long … Continue reading

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Children say the “Darndest” Things!

One of the parenting lessons I’m still learning is that my children do indeed listen to conversations going on around them. Never take for granted that your child is tuning you out in favor of the Cartoon Network or the … Continue reading

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Got Milk?

Stephanie commented on an earlier blog I made about how she was contemplating buying a cow to support the milk drinking habit of her 16 year old. Will this one do?

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I present “Ninja CheeWee” & “Cup-Holder CheeWee”!

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NightOwl’s Baby Pix – – Wasn’t I Cute?

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