Godiva Chocolate

Godiva Chocolate BoxMy wonderful Sister gave these as a present to Wendy & I for Easter. These things are for wealthy folks! Wendy and I are accustomed to Hershey’s, maybe WhitmanÒ€ℒs at best! Suffice to say, we have been excited to give them a try. I mean, we’re in our late twenties and tonight was the first time we’ve ever indulged in these “critters”. Just opening the box was a breathtaking experience! Look at all the gold foil and pretty wrapping. The chocolates themselves were more attractive than Angelina Jolie in a … umm, never mind!

So we sampled a few each and I must say there were very good! But were they good enough? I actually have no clue as to how much they cost, I’m just assuming they were expensive. Perhaps my palette isn’t sophisticated enough to truly appreciate the finer things in life as of yet. I’m the type of dude who is perfectly content with Rice-A-Roni & Taquitos for dinner whereas my Sister’s ideal supper might run along the lines of a rare salmon pan seared with an exquisite wine sauce.

Thank you Sis for thinking of Wendy and me on Easter. I do love you and we shall finish the Godiva’s but when they are gone, I’m thinking we’ll just stick to M&M’s + MilkyWays until our taste buds “grow up”. πŸ™‚

Godiva Chocolates

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13 Responses to Godiva Chocolate

  1. MOM says:

    Now see how you are, all that cheap food has destroyed your pallet! You had better quit eating all that cereal and drinking all that star bucks coffee, not to mention the milky ways.You need to clean your pallet so you will be able to eat the best and really enjoy it. That is if Godiva has not cheapened their candy. Will let you know when we sample our box, that your sister gave to us.

  2. Phyd says:

    Your late twenties??????????? You mean swiftly approaching forty! Actually, your birthday will be July 25th and you’ll be 38 years old. 38 is NOT in your late twenties!

    Just a friendly reality check OLD MAN!

    Cackle, cackle, cackle!

    By the way, I’ll say I’m older then dirt befor you can and take all the fun out of it for you! HA!


  3. Night Owl says:

    Curse you Phyllis!! I had them all fooled! My own Mother even let it slide, and you had to come along and ruin it all!!

    I’ll get even for this!

  4. Phyd says:

    To quote the Beatles, “Yeah.yeah,yeah!


  5. Juan Gonzalez says:


    You think you fool me? Well you are so wrong! You say in your upper 20’s and I know you are in the upper 30’s so you better gut it up.



  6. Xerraire says:

    You and Wendy could pass for late 20’s – I say Go with it!

  7. Wendy says:

    Haha! I noticed it right away. He just wanted to see how many of you he could fool. Slippery, isn’t he?!

    Yes, Barb. I have gotten carded many times and many people have told me I don’t look like I am in my 30’s.

    I’d like to be 25-28 looking as long as I can be, without surgery. πŸ˜›

  8. Phyd says:

    Hey Mikie! AARP called today and they said that they will welcome your membership in a short 12 years!

    Cackle, cackle, cackle!

  9. Phyd says:

    Well Wendy, as we know, you are actually only 9 years old, so it is no wonder that you have been carded many times.


  10. Night Owl says:

    Well… Well… there you have it. Wendy was born about 5 months before me. Logic dictates that if she is only 9 years old… I’m STILL younger than her! (Cackle, Cackle, Cackle)

  11. Night Owl says:

    Phyllis… I forgot to send this pix I snapped of you in the park during your last visit!
    Phyllis In The Park

  12. Phyd says:

    Funny Mikie. You used the same picture for a joke about Jenn a year ago.

    By the way, wasn’t Wendy born on February 29th making her a leap year baby and thus only 9 while you (July 25th) were not so lucky and are 38?

    Poor old man! The memory is going fast! Try writing these things down!


  13. Night Owl says:

    The same picture I sent Jenn a year ago is still applicable to the present day Phyllis! πŸ™‚

    Any way you slice it, I was born BEFORE Wendy. Makes me younger!

    Nanner! Nanner!

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