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Got Milk?

Stephanie commented on an earlier blog I made about how she was contemplating buying a cow to support the milk drinking habit of her 16 year old. Will this one do?

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I present “Ninja CheeWee” & “Cup-Holder CheeWee”!

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NightOwl’s Baby Pix – – Wasn’t I Cute?

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WTF Revisited

I’ve collected some more pix to share, allow me to apologize in advance to anyone about to be grossed out! Please don’t hold these against me, I’m just compelled to post them. Blame it on the “Shock Value” if you … Continue reading

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Belly-Up to the Bar

As far as I know, my Mother coined the phrase “Belly-Up to the Bar”. It’s basically a call for my children to come and eat! The Architect who invented this table built opposite the kitchen deserves an award. It’s such … Continue reading

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