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Unbelievable stories, photos, videos, etc… I’ve found in my Internet travels.

WTF Revisited

I’ve collected some more pix to share, allow me to apologize in advance to anyone about to be grossed out! Please don’t hold these against me, I’m just compelled to post them. Blame it on the “Shock Value” if you … Continue reading

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Ok… time for a tattoo! But what to get? Maybe a traditional navy style anchor on the forearm… nahh!! How about one of those very kewl tribal tattoos all the guys are getting…? Nope!! OH! Eureka! I have it! I’ll … Continue reading

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In Other News

Here’s yet another reason why I love the Internet. I’d never find such informative and relevant articles in my hometown newspaper!

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Have you ever heard of the term “Shaming”? Apparently, there are entire Internet sites dedicated to this art. This practice is especially popular in our nations colleges. The idea is that at a party, if someone drinks too much and … Continue reading

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A Math Trick

Stephanie sent me this neat little miracle of math. I actually scooped up the calculator and was quite impressed with the outcome. I wonder who sits around and dreams these things up? 1. Grab a calculator. (you won’t be able … Continue reading

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My Neighbors

OK… allow me to preface the above pix with some background info. Where I live, plots of land are in parcels of several acres or more. Many houses, such as my own, are not visible from the road. All one … Continue reading

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Stupid Haircut

Check this dude out! Ya know, I often wonder what the motivating factor is for folks to go out and partake in such stupidity. Is it the attention? Are they silently screaming for the world to “Look at Me”? Nahhhh!!! … Continue reading

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Mother of the Year

Ahhh… this story interests me because it’s local. Happened right down the road in Thurmont, Md. Below are three pages of the report the Officer filed. Tell me what ya think about this? Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

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Subway Sadness

Have you ever heard a rumor or maybe gotten a piece of mail with a seemingly unbelievable story? Here is a tip for everyone… is a great I-Web resource to either verify or “debunk” these claims. Their whole purpose … Continue reading

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So I’m staring at this picture, dazed and confused…. can anyone tell me what in the name of Peter Cottontail is going on here? This will haunt my dreams, I’ll be up at 2 in the a.m. in cold sweats! … Continue reading

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