Subway Sadness

Have you ever heard a rumor or maybe gotten a piece of mail with a seemingly unbelievable story? Here is a tip for everyone… is a great I-Web resource to either verify or “debunk” these claims. Their whole purpose is to take in all the wild rumors spreading across our land and investigate their validity.

While surfing, I came across a story that Subway Sandwiches are doing away with their “Sub-Club”. Everyone knows about that, right? You collect their little stamps every time you buy a sub and when you get the card full you get a free sandwich. I mean, that’s been around ever since I was a “wee lad”. It’s a solid rock of American culture, no? Surely these vicious rumors cannot be true? Apparently, the are……..

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3 Responses to Subway Sadness

  1. John says:

    I guess I will have to start paying for lunch again. Crap!

  2. Night Owl says:

    The funny part is this… The details say that Subway Corporate is working on a new promotion to replace it. As far as the Corporate World goes, I always see the glass as half empty. I’m willing to bet money that the new one will give you half as much yet they will try to convince you that you’re getting more! Do you know what I’m talking about? Sort of like that letter our employer sends to us everytime they are gonna screw us with our new health care coverage. A sugar coated rendetion to make you think you’ve got a wonderful plan when in reality they just decreased your benefits and made you pay more!

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