Mother of the Year

Ahhh… this story interests me because it’s local. Happened right down the road in Thurmont, Md. Below are three pages of the report the Officer filed.

Tell me what ya think about this?

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

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3 Responses to Mother of the Year

  1. John says:

    Saw this Mike, they woman should do some time, and have her kids taken from her. The bad news is, nothing will be done about this. Mark my word.

  2. Phyd says:

    I’m wondering

    1. what the woman’s reasoning possibly could have been.
    2. what the “friend’s” mother had to say upon finding out the complete disreguard her child was given.
    3. what punishment will the woman receive.

    It’s really hard to fathum anyone treating a child like this. Hopefully, she will never be allowed to be in the custody of a child again.

  3. Xerraire says:

    Gee Mike, did she get you and stuff you into the trunk? You blogged this then disappeared!

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