Easter Pix

I just pulled the photos from my camera’s memory card and thought I’d share a few pix we snapped during our Easter Dinner. The family went to a nice Restaurant in Gettysburg, PA. After eating, we all “Bunny Hopped” to the local Dairy Queen for a treat. Here they are…

Photographic evidence that Wendy got “hammered”.

Mark & Timothy sharing a “Brother Moment”.

My Father Isaac, the “Patriarch” of the family.

My Sister and her Son Derek (My Nephew).

Me, Sis, Mom, Dad (not a very good pix).

Erick in a rare moment allowing his photo to be taken.

Mark attempting to shove the entire cone down.

My side of the family again with Sister’s hubby in background.

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4 Responses to Easter Pix

  1. MOM says:

    If you put that picture on the web, I will put a few of you on- thur the years, and boy will you be sorry.I mean I have some that will frost you. MOM

  2. Stephanie says:

    Come on make Mom made we want to see some goodies of you Mike!!! LOL!!! You have a very nice looking and happy family. And what was Wendy drinking??

  3. Night Owl says:

    Not to worry Mom… The offending pix is tucked safely away on my computer in the “Horrible pix of Mom” folder!

  4. Juan Gonzalez says:


    Was up with these pics? wtf were you tinking of?


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