Typing High ScoreHow fast can you type your ABC’s? Here is a neat little online test I found to determine just that. I took a couple of half-hearted tries and came up with the high score at the right. Can anyone beat it? It’s like 5 letters per second!

This is something my Mom would enjoy as she recently took up learning to type with Mavis Beacon. I recall vividly learning to type. Wendy and I took a course together in college while we were still dating. Back then it was thinking each letter then getting your fingers to perform each stroke accordingly. Now I type so frequently that I simply think the words and my fingers make it happen without much concentration.

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2 Responses to Typing

  1. tasha says:

    Hiya Everyone!
    TYPING? I tried to learn, but “HUNT & PECK” seems to be where my talent lies…..my daughter says I’m a “fast pecker”, (doesnt that sound obscene?), and it works for me. I took your little test and made like 14.***, but I guess I kind of cheated…..I’ll admit it.
    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Tasha

  2. Night Owl says:

    How is the game “Cheatable”? I suspected something was amiss when I saw High Scores of like 1.1 seconds. Who in the heck can type the alphabet in 1.1 secs? That’s not a “Fast Pecker”… that’s a “Lightning Fast Pecker”!

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