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80’s Music Quiz

Are there any “Children of the 80’s” out there like me? I feel privileged to have been a teenager during the 80’s as music went through quite an evolution during that decade. Like your average adolescent, I was tuned in … Continue reading

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The Oasis Begins

I’ve been hinting for a while now that Wendy & I have another home-improvement project in the works. It’s almost half done so I figured it’s blogworthy at this point. This endeavor was a “tuff” decision as it cost mucho … Continue reading

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Can any of my fellow nerds identify what that is in the picture to the right? If you guessed a computer’s hard drive you’re absolutely right! What makes it so amazing is that it was one of the “Original” hard … Continue reading

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How fast can you type your ABC’s? Here is a neat little online test I found to determine just that. I took a couple of half-hearted tries and came up with the high score at the right. Can anyone beat … Continue reading

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