Corporate Structure

I’m thinking this is an accurate representation of my job!

Modern Management

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2 Responses to Corporate Structure

  1. phydda says:

    Since we have the same job, I’ll have to weigh in on this.
    I would agree except that the HR Manager is out with the flu, the Marketing Manager is at a convention, the Logistics Manager is locked in his office and can’t get out, the safty manager is stuck in traffic, the Security Manager is teaching an LP class, the Communications Manager forgot to pay his cell phone bill so he is at the Cingular Store in the mall taking care of that, the Project Manager called to say that he could swear that the job was to be done NEXT TUESDAY, the QA/QC Manager was fired and there is no replacement for him, PR overslept, and the Product Development Manager showed up but had to leave to get coffee! And that leave you and me shoveling the shit once again!


  2. Night Owl says:

    Typical Corporate mumbo jumbo. A whole lot of “Chiefs” and very few “Indians”. Frustrating because ultimately, it’s the Customer who suffers and they are the ones we profess to be #1 priority.

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