I hate it when…

During the course of my illustrious career in retail, I’ve had customers inquire about almost anything you can imagine. Usually this is no big deal but now and then, someone will ask me for something bizarre, Like : “Excuse me Sir, do you have 11″x14″ furnace filters?” Silently… I’m wondering why this “Rocket Scientist” is in a Drugstore looking for furnace filters, but I hold my tongue. I politely inform them that we don’t stock these sorts of items and probably their best bet would be to try a Hardware Store. Invariably, after returning to my work, I’ll hear the same customer two aisles over asking a different Employee if we carry 11″x14″ furnace filters.

Correct me if I’m wrong, by their actions, the customer has implied that I don’t have a clue and they need to ask someone else. It’s all good though because more often than not the other employee they asked will tell the customer…”I’ll check with a Manager” and end up paging me. It’s then that I get the deep satisfaction of going up and informing them that my answer hasn’t changed from the last time they asked!

I just love Retail!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Yes, I worked retail for years as well and there is always someone who thinks they are smarter than you in your own store and I as well loved the same satisfaction from telling them sorry but no twice!!!!

  2. Xerraire says:

    I suppose you have the temperment to work in retail, and your sense of humor works for you too. Of course, you can always hide in your office for a good 15 minutes.


  3. Phyd says:

    One of my favorites would be the time that Jenn and I were putting out the cough and cold. A man walked up to us and yelled (and I really do mean yelled) “Newspaper!”

    Jenn and I looked at each other wondering if this was a test on the order of Free-Association … maybe he thought we were reporters … so we asked the fellow if he was inquiring where the newspapers were in the store, or was he wanting directions to the office of the local newspaper, or what?

    In a very disgusted voice he yelled “Newspaper”!

    We just replied that if he wanted to buy one they were located in the front of the store. He gave us a disgusted look and walked out of the store. To this day we have no idea of exactally what he wanted.

  4. Night Owl says:

    (Chuckle) You ladies are funny!

    Maybe one day I’ll tell you the story about the old lady who got glued to the floor. Phyllis knows it, but it still might be blogworthy nonetheless!

  5. Phyd says:

    The Little Old Lady story would be good … a photo of Etta and Maw would be even better …..

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