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Corn Fritters

Have you ever tried Corn Fritters? I love these things! I had never heard of them till I moved back east. I think they are one of those weird “Regional” delicacies such as grits, or gumbo. Anyhoo, the best I … Continue reading

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This cute little guy above I saw today in the lane. I’m not 100% positive, but I think he’s called a Boxer Turtle. We have turtles all over the place here. quite the variety of nature on this Mountain.

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BAW (Big Ass Wipes)

In other news, Phyllis has given up the idea for her new clothing line… BAJ’s (Big Ass Jeans). Instead, she has opted to persue a new line of personal hygiene products which she dubbed BAW’s (Big Ass Wipes). Look out … Continue reading

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Stupid Haircut

Check this dude out! Ya know, I often wonder what the motivating factor is for folks to go out and partake in such stupidity. Is it the attention? Are they silently screaming for the world to “Look at Me”? Nahhhh!!! … Continue reading

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